Colorful shades of clothes which provide better protection against the Ultraviolet rays from the sun

Consumers who want to get protection from the harmful rays of sun like the UV rays and are unable to pay for the expensive sun protective clothes need to look for red and blues than yellow. The Spain scientists are reporting that though the same cotton fabric is taken, when its dyed with deep red or blue it can provide greater protection for you against the UV rays of sun when compared to the yellow shades of clothing. Through their study they were able to create the fabrics with better sun protection.

Most of the scientists also explain that based on the color of the fabric we can know the level of protection the cloth provides against UV radiation. There are certain gaps that exist in the knowledge provided by the scientists about how the colors can interact with various factors that influence fabric to block the radiations (UPF). Scientists suggest to use the computer models with which it would be easy to relate level of UV protection that is achieved with the 3 fabric dyes and their effects in changing UPF of a fabric along with the other factors.

In this process they have actually dyed the cotton fabrics in various range of colors like red, blue and yellow shades so that they can measure the ability of each colored sample and their absorption range of UV light. They have observed that those fabrics which were darker in color had better UV absorption. Yellow shades offered the least while the deep shades of blue showed highest absorption rate. Most of the clothing manufacturers are now using this scientific information in creating better fabrics and shades of sun protective clothing so that the customers can now be safe from UV rays.