The various attractive ways of tying a scarf

Scarves serve a great purpose in keeping the neck warn and are like statement jewelry rather than just being an accessory for your cold climatic conditions. It can be worn on any outfit over the jeans and T- shirt combo. They are very versatile and can be worn on different clothing options. Whether you would just like to drape them over the shoulder or just tie a knot around your neck, it just enhances the overall look. The following are the best and easiest ways to tie a scarf:

  • The elegant half bow: Ashley Graham had walked Tommy Hilfiger’s TOMMYNOW fall for the year 2019 fashion show with flowing white and black houndstooth scarf that was tied in chick half done bow. The same look can be made with lightweight scarf which can be tied in full bow and pulling it in to 1 loop later leaving others to be asymmetrical finish. 

  • The throw back: Bella Hadid had just rocked the floor with textured scarf and knit sweater combination at Marc Jacobs spring fashion show 2020. This is one of the simplest forms of wearing the scarf as there is no tying involved. Just need to wear the scarf backward while letting tails to fall behind evenly.

  • The subtle side knot: this is like tying the scarf at one side which is mainly following during 1960’s. Rodarte model has shown how this can provide a super chic look particularly when the shoulders or chest are bare otherwise. In order to get this look just need to drape the scarf on the shoulders and make a side knot. Can take one side of the scarf and pull so that the knot can be seen accordingly. The other side of the scarf can be pulled on top of the other side in order to create a knot.

  • Tying the double loop: if you don’t want the scarf to fall on your back or chest you can keep the loops neat and tight in this way. The first thing which has to be done is to look around the neck twice similar to that of an infinity scarf later twist the ends tying. If the scarf is too lengthy then it can be tucked inside or can leave the ends out.

  • Effortlessly over the shoulder: this style of wearing scarf is very much simple and easy when compared to the rest of the styles. This gives a cool look. You just need to drape the scarf over the shoulder and leaving the opposite end in the front. If the scarves are very bulkier other than being silky and thin this kind of wearing the scarf works best. As the scarf is heavy it keeps the scarf in place due to its weight.
  • Classic loop: this is just a simple scarf which has been looped around the neck is very easy to go style. This works best with scarf irrespective of the material out of which it has been made and is best for everyday look.