Things that can affect the rate of blocking of UV rays by your clothes

As we all know clothing one of the first defense which can be used against sun. Wearing the right kind of clothes can provide better sun protection than the sunscreens as not everyone would know how to use the sunscreen in the right way. The following are things which one has to consider while shopping for the new threads:

  • Color: The color of the clothes can actually affect the range of protection that it can provide from the UV rays. The darker colors like blue, black, red absorb more UV rays while light colors like pastels or white absorb very less UV rays. 
  • Construction: Color, weave, material and texture of the clothes affect how it can protect from UV rays of sun. The best choice for getting sun protection is the synthetic or semisynthetic fibers such as rayon or polyester or can go for woven fabrics as denim, wool or corduroy. The other fabrics which are thinner such as refined cotton, crepe, silk or the bleached ones let the light to pass through. 
  • UPF: There are certain clothes which are specially prepared to provide great protection from the sun as they come with Ultraviolet protection factor UPF. The rating is important just like that of an SPF rating of a sunscreen. Through the rating one can get to know how well the clothes can protect your skin from harmful rays of sun like UV rays. The number is that unit which indicates the suns UV rays which can penetrate through the fiber in fraction. A shirt with UPF 50 will allow 1/50th part of the suns UV radiations that reaches the skin. 
  • Size: It’s a known fact that the more skin is covered the better it is for one’s protection. It’s the same thing to be considered while choosing a fat. When you want to get best sun protection using a hat then it should have wide brim of 3 inches or more. by using a sunscreen and UV filtering sunglasses one can protect face from UV rays. 
  • Fit: While looking for clothing which can give best protection to you always go for the looser threads one as it can provide better protection when compared to the super tight clothes. Having the right fitting sunglasses is also important as they might slip from your nose and let your eyes get exposed to harmful sun rays.